determination, honesty and devotion to this profession

Aradhya Temple Jewellery

Times have changed, these days people prefer to go the traditional way. Today, people prefer to flaunt more of temple jewellery over the modern designs. Be it marriages or festivals, everyone loves to dress up traditionally. Keeping this in mind KRA Jewellers have now revised the concept of temple jewellery and made it approachable for all kinds of buyers. Aesthetically crafted, our designs will make you feel like a goddess

9-to-5 Daily Wear Diamond Jewellery

Apart from housing all kinds of diamond jewellery, we have a special in house brand called 9 to 5. Starting from Rs.8000 onwards, the range is full of several options and has something for everyone. The reason it is called 9 to 5 is simply because the jewellery can be worn every day at work, on special occasions or simply when you are at home.

Using the best FG and VVS 1 graded diamonds certified by GII (Gemological Institute of India) this collection consists of a wide range of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets to grace your style. Be it a purchase from your first salary or a gift to a loved one, the 9 to 5 collection is the perfect buy.

Next time you think of buying that fashionable watch or a pair of expensive sunglasses which will go out of fashion in a years’ time, consider buying a 9 to 5 piece which can go on to become heirloom.

Shubhmangal Wedding Collection

We at KRA understand the cultural nuances and have put together a bridal jewellery collection under the brand “Shubhmangal”

The Solah Shringar, which includes everything from the sindoor at the top of the hairline down to the bichus on her toes, is the traditional jewellery every bride wears.

Bridal jewelry has been a point of discussion since times immemorial. However; the actual beauty of the jewelry pieces lies much deeper and is considered a blend of spirituality and culture. A bride remains incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewelry pieces which give her a majestic look.

Honesty is the best policy - when there is money in it! This has been our business as well as personal philosophy.

KRA enjoys unequivocal trust and respect from every person connected with us.That is also why generations of customers have continued to patronize our showrooms for more than 9 decades.

The saga of KRA is about grit, determination, honesty and devotion to this profession.

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