KRA Assurance

The guarantee of Purity
KRA Assurance

The state-of-the-art karatmeter present in every KRA showroom gives you an accurate measure of purity of gold in any ornament

This service is absolutely free for you.

When you exchange your old jewellery or want to check the purity of gold in your new jewellery, go ahead and avail this service.

You will never pay for stones at the rate of gold
KRA Assurance

The weight of semi-precious stones and black beads is stamped or laser engraved on every jewellery.

We subtract the weight of semi-precious stones from the total weight of jewellery.

You are never charged the price of gold for the weight of stones.

Superior knowledge of Gold
KRA Assurance

Everyone makes claims about quality of gold, but what exactly is this quality?

To make 22, 18, 14 karat gold, alloys are mixed with it. These alloys strengthen gold and help retain shape of the jewellery. These alloys also add to the yellow colour and lustre. The right alloys in correct quantity is important to maintain the quality of Gold.

Therefore, the gold you buy at KRA will never turn dark or blacken.

Complete transparency in billing
KRA Assurance

You can be assured that what you pay is what you get.

We maintain complete transparency in our billing

The Quality guarantee
KRA Assurance

Hallmark is mandatory but does not signify total quality.

At KRA, every piece of jewellery goes through 10 different quality checks before it goes on display. Be assured that you will never get a defective piece of jewellery.

Best exchange value for gold
KRA Assurance

We melt your old gold and weigh it in your presence. So there is no ambiguity in the weight and karat. You get the best exchange value.

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