Now book gold or silver
at current rates
from the comfort of your home!

  • Call or Whatsapp +91 98223 46030 / +91 93736 90791

  • Talk / Chat with KRA Manager

  • Select Vedhni (23.5K) / Gold (22K) / Silver bar.
    Gold (22k) jewellery can be selected and confirmed in the showroom.

  • Confirm weight, value, discount, payment details, etc., from KRA showroom manager.

  • Place your order for gold / silver at current rates and pay online to KRA bank account.

  • After payment confirmation you will receive receipt in whatsapp.

  • Visit respective Showroom, show purchase receipt & identity proof.
    Collect your booked Vedhni (23.5K) / Silver bar. For Gold (22K) jewellery visit
    the showroom and choose your jewellery from a wide range of designs.

Stay Home, Keep Shopping!!!

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